John Rock
John Rock
John Rock


World-class customer service is the cornerstone of The Rock’s success. Our team is dedicated to:

  • Pallet Engineering and Pallet Design Audits- let us audit your current pallet design for optimization and then customized the pallets for your specific product needs using the Pallet Design System to reduce cost and safety transport your products
  • Heat Treatment- there are 2 HT Chamber that can heat treat over 12,000 pallet a day for export in accordance to ISPM15
  • Pallet Manufacturing- producing the best wooden pallets anywhere using state of the art nailing machines producing over 100,000 pallet a week utilizing sustainable practices that are not only cost-effective and efficient, but also environmentally responsible
  • Pallet Recycling- repairing, dismantling, and grinding for mulch
  • Scrap Pallet Removal- offered to our customers at no additional charge any time we are making a delivery
  • Repair Programs- back haul broken pallets, repair, and stock for resale back to you at a reduced cost
  • Transportation- delivery of your pallets and crates on Rock Technologies trucks with delivery dates that surprise even the most anxious purchasing agent and the ability to offer backhaul rates to move our customers products
  • Drop Trailers- for high-volume accounts we offer drop and hook swaps of trailers
  • Reporting- electronic sales reports, inventory reports, and HT reports
  • Adding to our ever-growing list of customers who have experienced the benefits of “The Rock Plan”
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