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Damage, breakage, quality of wood, nailing problems, cost inefficiencies, downtime and the money that goes out the door as a result of such issues will be solved, or at least considerably mitigated, by working with John Rock. Credibility intact.


John Rock, Inc. is a company that is designed to evaluate and respond to the current conditions of the industry. In fact, we’ve been adapting and responding for decades… since 1975.


Tell us your needs.

Tell us what your issues are.

We’ll assess and evaluate the construction, the application, the volume and the delivery methods so we can provide affordable custom solutions that can be turned around quickly and efficiently to keep your production running smoothly.


What to do:

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What’s the worst that can happen?


Your lines are going to go down. You won’t get your delivery on time. Your products will be sitting on the floor. And your business will lose credibility. Don’t let that happen. Call John Rock, Inc. We’ll listen to your needs and design a solution for you from concept to completion.


What are your needs for the pallet?

Size 48 x 40

Custom Sizes & Thickness

Does it have to be heat treated for exporting?

Are you using it in a closed loop warehousing system?

Is it a one-way shipping pallet? Never going to get it back. Minimal construction to safely hold the weight needed.

Do you have an automated line? Yes/No

How often does it go down?

Why do you believe it is going down?

Are you established or a startup?

Are you using new or used pallets?

What kind of issues are you attempting to overcome or avoid?

Are you buying full truckload quantities? Best price. One truckload is 660 pallets.

How often do you need your pallets at this quantity? Drop a trailer.

Delivery Method: Full truckload delivery or pick-up option (takes freight out of the issue)


  1. Tell us your pallet needs
  2. Let us know your volume
  3. Select delivery method
  4. Submit Your Request for Quote


A qualified John Rock sales representative will personally contact you and provide you with your personalized quote with pallet and pricing options from concept to completion.


Prefer to speak to a person? Call or send a text to Mike Veneziale at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email mike@johnrock.com


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